a cuisine,
a diversity

Our flavour producers,
the pillars of the kitchen
of the Atelier des Augustins

These suppliers provide the taste and colour for Nicolas Guilloton's cuisine. Rooted in their local terroir, yet rich in almost infinite diversity, the suppliers of the Atelier des Augustins all share a love for good things and a job well done.
As guardians of authentic products, these are the folks on who the chef relies, before composing his melody of flavour.

Eric Jacquier

Despite the swells and the unpredictable vagaries of Lake Geneva, with his yellow raincoat, and standing tall in his boots Éric Jacquier is a true freshwater fisher. For four centuries, the family tradition has been passing from generation to generation. He learned the trade from his father at the time when nets were pulled up by the strength of powerful shoulders. When Chef Nicolas Guilloton first met Éric Jacquier, the man-crush was immediate. Equally concerned about the preservation of the lake’s ecosystem, the two men share the same vision on sustainability. At the table at L'Atelier des Augustins, the delicate flesh of féra, the smooth nobility of the arctic char and the depth of pike reflect the finest arguments to care for Lake Geneva. 

Spice dealer

An unrepentant adventurer, Arnaud’s curiosity has taken him all around the globe and particularly in West Africa. In his backpack, he carried thousands of spices and built quality partnerships with local producers. With Africa as their initial point in common, Arnaud and Nicolas Guilloton quickly forged close ties around the peppers of Mali and the Ivory Coast, and around spices like hibiscus, grains of paradise and tamarind. Continually searching for local sources, and supplying top-quality, Arnaud is crucial for the Atelier des Augustins! 

Jean-Luc Raillon
Market gardener

In the foothills of the Vercors, in the village of Saint -Vincent-la-Commanderie, just near Valence, Jean-Luc Raillon cultivates three hectares of edible flowers, salads, vegetables and aromatic herbs. With the poetic help of nature, Jean-Luc continues his family’s heritage on this land and works in his passion to produce a patchwork of colour and flavour. His interpretation of the language of flowers has found a common thread in the culinary intuition of chef Nicolas Guilloton. Thus, borage flowers, lemongrass leaves among others are invited into the gastronomic compositions of the Atelier des Augustins 

Simon Lecomte

Making beer in the heart of wine-country in Burgundy seems strange to many, yet it is no wonder it is done by a former oenologist. Simon Lecomte set up his brewery in Sennecey-le-Grand next to a spring water source, with the firm intention of applying wine-making processes to brewing. Simon works biodynamically, depending on the Moon and the tides, and uses ancient varieties of grains and cereals for extra flavour. Lightly hopped, his spontaneous fermentation beers are aged in old wine barrels. Assertive, bold, balanced, and creamy, these beers are fundamentally different in the micro-brewing world.