A cuisine,
a story

Chef Nicolas Guilloton
and his team

Nicolas Guilloton,
for the love 
of goodness

A man of passion, Nicolas Guilloton initially succumbed to music and pursued studies in musicology and double bass at the Strasbourg Conservatory. This sensitive side for harmony and the pleasure that music gives to others, already explained his future passion for cooking.

His meeting with esteemed chef Emile Jung, at the le Crocodile (2-star Michelin) in Strasbourg, simply confirmed his future would be in a hat and apron. Alongside the Alsatian master, he learnt the art of sauces and good wines as well as the essential ingredient for any chef: using the heart.

His career then took him to Paris, to the kitchens of the Georges V (3-star Michelin) where he developed an appetite for noble products. At the French Embassy in London, he tackled expatriation for the first time and renewed the experience in Bamako, Mali. It is from Africa that he kept the strongest memories of stimulated taste buds and a humanity fixed to his soul. Then it was off to Alsace again, at the Lion d'Or, before finally unravelling his knife-roll in Lyon.


"I am nourished by the riches which come from the extraordinary mosaic of lands surrounding Lyon. To sign my own identity, my instinctive world, with a few nods to African culinary art and culture. That’s my story and where my legitimacy comes from."


The team


With passion clearly tattooed on her heart, Sophie developed her enthusiasm for wine whilst growing up in Touraine. Cheerful and bubbly, this sportswoman talks openly and with a desire that makes you always want to know more. Among her favourite white wines, cuvée La Négrette, appellation Montlouis-sur-Loire from Xavier Weisskopf on the Rocher des Violettes estate: a deep, straightforward wine with a beautiful complexity. In red: cuvée Plein sud, Côte du Jura appellation by Jean-François Ganevat, which gives the Trousseau grapes elegance, delicacy and velvety.

Pastry chef

His first name was predestined! Originally from Amboise, Augustin headed east to reach the capital of gastronomy. Used to the stress of competitions and being tested, he shows Olympian calm and formidable concentration in the kitchen. His added zest: he loves citrus fruit and has a real crush for mandarins! Augustin knows how to use all the variations of the sweet side repertoire including sweetness and acidity.

Head waiter

She is the only true Lyonnaise in the restaurant! A lover of human relationships, sharing and exchange, Chloé is a ball of energy, and is always full of smiles. Sparkling, dynamic, and fundamentally positive, she has easily blended into the family at the Atelier des Augustin’s. As front-of-house, she speaks of the chef's intuitive world with a conviction that whets the appetite!