A philosophy,
a cuisine


Discover creative
local cuisine
in central Lyon 1

Feast on sharing
and emotion

In the heart of Lyon’s 1st arrondissement, in-between the slopes of the Croix Rousse and the riverside quays, the Atelier des Augustins have rolled out their knives in the historic stronghold of the Canuts (Lyonnais silk workers).

It is here that chef Nicolas Guilloton expresses his vision for instinctive cooking, with his rooted and personal touch. A convivial place to dine, where a heart-warming welcome is always on offer, the Atelier des Augustins brings together the intuition of a wine-loving, world-travelling, musical master, and the expression of a local territory - the 200km encircling Lyon.

Based on surprise seasonal tasting menus , Nicolas Guilloton shows his links with nature and local produce, and tells the stories of alpine lake fish and Auvergnean foie gras, giving guests the chance to taste and rediscover real authentic food.

With high French ceilings, the elegance of a contemporary crimson decor and splashed with patches of colour, the Atelier des Augustins is based on convivial service designed with the pleasure of hosting in-mind.

Regional expression,
from Burgundy
to the Rhone Valley, 
from Auvergne to the Alps

Sitting at the cardinal point between Burgundy and Jura to the north, the Rhone Valley to the south, Auvergne in the west, and the Savoy in the east, Lyon is at a crossroads. Lyon is the ancient capital of Gaul and the capital of gastronomy: it is in this fertile soil at the crossroads of multiple terroirs that Nicolas Guilloton draws his inspiration.

The authenticity and wild character of Jura, the breath-taking wines of Burgundy, the delicate fish from Lake Geneva, the deep-rooted traditions of Auvergne, the rocky poetry of summer fruit from the Rhone Valley: his playground is of such a diversity to make everything possible.

Regional expressions, producers, products, based on this inseparable triptych, the chef creates his unique gourmet identity dictated by the love of the seasons, of sincerity and of harmony.

Culinary identity,
real taste
and a travelling

To understand Nicolas Guilloton's cooking, you must know his back-story. Alsatian by origin, the chef grew up on the benches of music school, developing a crazy intuition for creativity and precision. Wandering the world, with his toque blanche, from one continent to another, he drew on these different cultural discoveries, and in particular from Africa.

At the Atelier des Augustins, in central Lyon , Nicolas Guilloton has composed a dining experience that resembles him, and is harmonious, controlled and sincere. The gourmet fare shows heart, instinct and texture too, and while drawing inspiration from Lyon’s hinterland, the products express his desires, and sometimes even wink at his memories of Africa.

This is not ostentatious food, and each course is carefully presented with apparent simplicity: the emotion of taste is simply clear. The flagship product, the sauce or the broth - is used as a watermark, and the textures, combine with herbs, spices and condiments to add a twist; in this way Nicolas Guilloton orchestrates in abundance.